Inside-out Anis office block in Nice is covered in outdoor work spaces

Nicolas Laisné Architectes and Dimitri Roussel have turned a traditional office layout inside-out by putting staircases and workstations on the facade of an office in Nice.

Called Anis, the office block was designed to improve workplace well being by prioritizing outdoor spaces and greenery. (Via Dezeen)

Site Shack: a mobile, off-grid, corten steel workspace

Developed by and for the project managers at Powers Construction, the ‘site shack’ is a prototype for a ‘premade’ mobile workspace — not to be confused with pre-fab. Pre-fab products require onsite assembly. power construction’s ‘premade’ concept ships to site fully constructed, ready for focused seclusion for PMs in need of a digital detox. 

‘For this office, we wanted to design and build an iteration from scratch, thus removing the structural constraints of the shipping container module,’ the team say. ‘The goal was to create a seamless corten steel form reminiscent of a traditional pitched roof house. the roof pitch was calculated so truck transportation would not require over-height permits. The interior was to be heated with a traditional wood stove. one end was to be fully glazed, the other incorporated a hidden steel door. Throughout construction the design details were refined. This allowed fulfillment of the initial desire for a seamless, finely detailed exterior.’ (Via designboom)

Famed Spoke Art Gallery Hosts Pop-Up Exhibition at Taliesin West Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Spoke Art gallery have joined forces to host a pop-up art exhibition, “Frank Lloyd Wright: Timeless,” at Wright’s lauded winter home, Taliesin West in Scottsdale, from June 14 – June 16.

The show features work from over a dozen international artists, with pieces designed in the style of a 1930s-era Works Progress Administration (WPA) travel poster. Some participating artists include Steve Thomas from Minnesota, George Townley from the United Kingdom; Max Dalton from Argentina; Martin Ansin from Uruguay; Nico Delort from France; Matt Taylor from the United Kingdom; Alison King from Phoenix. (Via FLW Foundation)

Old San Juan Façades

A collection of images published by the Puerto Rico Historic Building Drawings Society highlighting the beautiful facades of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan (Spanish: Viejo San Juan) is a historic district located at the “northwest triangle” of the islet of San Juan. Its area roughly correlates to the Ballajá, Catedral, Marina, Mercado, San Cristóbal, and San Francisco subbarrios of barrio San Juan Antiguo in the municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Old San Juan is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico and the historic colonial section of the city of San Juan. (text via Wikipedia)

Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel AZL Architects

The project by AZL Architects, a 200 square meter small chapel, is located in Wanjing Garden along Nanjing’s Riverfront. Hosted by priests from Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, it supports religious activities like worship and wedding services. This wood and steel structured chapel has gentle exterior shape as well as strong interior space infused with mysterious religious power. Its plain material doesn’t fail in expressing the delicate construction logic.

Outstanding Concert Halls: A Perfect Match Between Acoustics and Aesthetics

When we think about a perfect match between acoustics and good design it may not be as easy as it seems. A number of technical decisions in order to make an interior space acoustically efficient -and to achieve its programmatic purpose correctly- can make some of the architect’s design intentions fade and be replaced by standard and prefabricated panels.

In this article published in Archdaily, they present a selection of architecture projects that are able to create a memorable visual impact as well as an impeccable interior solution for acoustics.

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