Scale, Schema and Construction by Jenny Robinson

The large scale architectural drypoint monoprints of Jenny Robinson capture the urban postindustrial decline, decrepitude, and abandonment of aging structures seen throughout her immediate environment. They are dynamic and vivid vignettes of the infrastructure on the periphery of one’s vision, hidden either by design or obsolescence. Robinson relocated from London to San Francisco in 2001, developing a fascination for decaying structures surrounding her new studio. Long imbued with strength and solidity, they are now threatened by the passage of time to ultimate defeat by corrosion and decay. This architecture is initially immortalized in passing, with graphite or watercolor, onto the pages of a sketchbook to be revisited in the artist’s studio. “My work is concerned with depicting how these giant structures appear, not through a sense of romantic yearning for the past, but by responding to location and documenting how they appear to me, now, in the moment.”

© Jenny Robinson

Images and text via Scale, Schema and Construction Jenny Robinson exhibition at the Flatbed Press & Gallery.


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