The Garden and The Machine

Imaginary self-sufficient dwelling vignettes created by Marcelo Ertorteguy.

© Marcelo Ertorteguy

Ertorteguy is a New York-based Venezuelan architect and co-founder of the design studio ‘Stereotank’. his whimsical designs include a swimming pool where each lap aids in watering trees that dangle overhead, or a field of crops that can be hitched to a truck and driven away. the vignettes — although unlikely — succeed in highlighting just how dependent every-day innocuous activities are on our farming and agriculture industries, and suggest a more laid-back world where filling your grain silo is as easy as lounging on a swing chair. each dwelling bears a catchy, often quite literal nickname: the ‘solar slice’, the ‘vegetable loop’ and the ‘viaduct field’, all making an appearance.

© Marcelo Ertorteguy
© Marcelo Ertorteguy
© Marcelo Ertorteguy



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