St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo Photographed by Edmund Sumner

© Edmund Sumner

Growing up within a family of architects and designers Edmund Sumner developed a deep-rooted understanding of appreciation of architecture and design. Through Photography, he hopes to promote contemporary architecture to an increasingly visually sophisticated public. ¹

© Edmund Sumner

This series documents St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo designed by Kenzō Tange. In all of his projects, there is a recurrent theme that Tange has verbalized, “Architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart, but even then, basic forms, spaces and appearances must be logical. Creative work is expressed in our time as a union of technology and humanity. The role of tradition is that of a catalyst, which furthers a chemical reaction, but is no longer detectable in the end result. Tradition can, to be sure, participate in a creation, but it can no longer be creative itself.”²

© Edmund Sumner

Edmund Sumner 2 Pritzker Architecture Prize Kenzō Tange Biography


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