93 Reade St. Renovation in NYC

93 Reade St. is a 10,000 square foot loft renovation and penthouse addition in the heart of TriBeCa. Built in 1857, the existing 5-story structure features one of the oldest surviving cast-iron facades in New York. WORK Architecture Company‘s design responds to the structure and its context, foregrounding the historical structure and re-purposing the spaces created by the intersection of old and new to create a combination of intimate and expansive spaces throughout the building.


In each single-story apartment, a partial-height volume contains the services, equipment, and storage for the unit, while a series of intricate spaces for gardening, sleeping, display and studying occupy the under-utilized vertical space above. The compact volume creates a sense of scale in the main living and dining areas, and provides added amenities for the units.


At the penthouse, the shape of the roof follows a system of sloping peaks and valleys designed to sit behind the roofline, to minimize the addition’s impact on the view of the building from the street while re-claiming as much “invisible” space as possible for the interior.

cq5dam.web.960.800 (1).jpeg



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