The American Myth by Francoise Gaujour

In the words of the artist Francoise Gaujour:

Many filmmakers have been influenced by the atmosphere of the paintings of Edward Hopper, among them David Lynch. In this album I let myself be influenced both by Hopper and Lynch. Lynch was inspired by Hopper for framework, for this exquisite timelessness, for the color. The filmmaker uses the expressionism of color as a filter that distorts reality. It is in this Hopper line that Lynch transcribes this membership deliciously “fifteen” of the image, although the action takes place nowadays. Lynch is fascinated by this portrait of postwar American myth that Hopper conveyed through his canvases. The painter devote to the serene reflections of back country America, to its peaceful inhabitants and to the dreams of “American Way” of this wild west asleep.

© Francoise Gaujour

Hopper’s paintings reflect a changing society: they depict the quality of life and the existence of the middle class growing in the first half of the twentieth century. They show the loneliness in big cities and characters that seem to regret some disappearing America. When does a time really ceases to exist? Can be when the public is nostalgic for the postcard of old-representation of the American dream.

© Francoise Gaujour

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