Faena District in Miami

Located in Miami Beach, the Faena Forum enjoys a unique site that stretches between Indian Creek and the Atlantic beachfront. OMA has designed three buildings for the three block site along Collins Avenue – an arts center, retail bazaar and car park. These distinct functions are linked by a sequence of public domains including a plaza, courtyard and marina dock.

© Iwan Baan

The Faena Forum is divided into two volumes – a cylinder that accommodates gathering spaces and a cube of hotel and meeting rooms. On the building’s third level, an Assembly Hall occupies both the cylinder and the cube. Since each volume has a distinct form and character, the two halves of the Assembly Hall can be used separately on in combination for a variety of uses. The Faena Bazaar is a renovation of the historic Atlantic Beach Hotel, built in 1939 and designed by prominent Miami Beach architect Roy France, whose work includes the Saxony and Versaille opposite the site. The Bazaar preserves and restores the existing lobby and facades, while reprogramming the building for retail.

© Iwan Baan



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