The Beauty of Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Cemetery Shines on Music Video by Lucien Moreau

‘Over The Wall’ is taken from the electronic music album ‘XO‘, composed and performed by Lucien Moreau.

The music video, produced by ESMA Creative Studio for ‘Over The Wall’, was entirely shot and set at the beautiful Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Cemetery, where the famous modernist architect also rests.

As described by the artist: We strongly wanted to enhance the otherwordly style of his sacred building by decontextualizing it from its original function. We wanted to enhance the futuristic, yet organic, identity of the monument, by considering it not just as a set, but as a real character of the video. Architecture often shapes its inhabitants. Hence, make-up and costume of the Wanderer were designed by the artist Tobias Tran to reflect details and geometries of Carlo Scarpa’s architecture. Water streams over concrete walls. Lotus flowers over sharp but golden corners. Gentleness and hardness mixed up in a perfect balance, on the edge between life and death. While developing the cinematography we immediately pointed at using cold shades and lights. We imagined the life of the Wanderer as a research of truth, far from the mundane perils of emotions. Bees bring the warm shades into the video, at the end of it, as a symbol of essence and humanity.


The whole music album from where the track is taken, ‘XO‘, is based and inspired by architecture including modernism, brutalism and metabolism.

XO - Moreau - mockup.jpg

Video Credits

Produced by ESMA Creative Studio.
Written, directed and edited by Lucien Moreau. Starring Alice Lobo.
Cinematography and photography by Eugenio Squarcia.
Postproduction and effects by ESMA Creative Studio.
Make-up design and costumes by Tobias Tran.
Additional sound effects by Federico Viola.
Mastering by Animal House Studio.
Taken from the album ‘XO’ out on digital release and limited edition CD at
(All rights reserved © Lucien Moreau / ESMA Creative Studio)


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