Art Museum and Cinema Expansion in Lillehammer

The site consisted of two separate institutions, Lillehammer Cinema and Lillehammer Art Museum. The two institutions were originally established in the same building by Erling  Viksjø from  1964 – an excellent representation of the architectural style of its time. The second building is Snøhetta’s extension of the museum from 1994 – an independent and strong building to bridge between the 1960s and the current architectural language.


A third independent element designed by Snøhetta is now added as part of the museum above ground. Weidemannsalen is the new exhibition hall which houses works of the Lillehammer-based artist Jakob Weidemann (1923-2001). The hall cantilever over a glass box designed as a workshop for kids and youth. In addititon the cinema has got two new auditoriums. One is integrated in the existing building structure and the other below ground between the two earlier buildings. The entrance facade is renewed more in style with the original building and bring to front a wall with integrated art by Odd Tandberg. The circulation areas are refurbished.


The buildings of Snøhetta and  Erling Viksjø has the integration of art in the building as an important common feature.  When the Snøhetta building from 1994 was designed, the Sculptural Park by Bård Breivik was an important element in the design that brought together these two volumes. The facade of the  Weidemann art gallery is created by the same artist. This cooperation betwen art and architecture gives the latest building a unique expression.


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