Posada Business Innovation Center in Cordoba

Spanish architects Francisco López + Gudula Rudolf have completed the new Posada Business Innovation Center in Cordoba, Spain, occupying a former school on a narrow urban lot. the two flanking historic structures’ traditional masonry walls make up the enclosing extents of the site, left exposed.

© Fernando Alba

At the entrance, a large open courtyard is defined by the projects most notable feature, a thin screen of natural wooden rods woven together to form a translucent cladding the climbs up the walls and stretches over to form a canopy. the remaining materials are left to their purest form- exposed concrete, glass, and wood make up the enclosed structure that sit within the extents of the site. with natural light flooding all sides of the program from outdoor walkways that stretch from the entry to the rear courtyard, the primary structure of columns and slabs allows spaces to protrude beyond the voids into the circulation areas. traditional construction methods are reproduced through the stone ground and timber screen which covers a large grassy courtyard containing olive trees.

© Fernando Alba



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