Casa 1302 in Barcelona

From the architects H Arquitectes:

The current construction is a dwelling that was maintained in an acceptable state of its constructive and structural elements, but needed an intervention regarding the new necessities of the clients. A main body in the ground floor plan and the first floor composes the house. Secondarily, some auxiliary constructions were added, with less spatial and constructive quality. In the main body, the party walls act as the bearing walls and the floors are made out of wooden ceiling beans and terracotta tiles. The ceiling on the ground floor slightly deflects in the points where it is free of interior partitions. The roof was not in a bad condition, although, as well as the rest of the construction, needed some improvements including its thermic behaviour. The intervention proposed to demolish the auxiliary bodies and empty the main body leaving only the structure that would be repaired, always maintaining its textures and material qualities, taking part of the new identity of the dwelling.



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