Yu-Hsiu Museum of Arts in Taiwan

Located in the Tsaotun Township of Nantou County in Taiwan, the Yu-Hsiu Museum of Arts was completed in October of 2015, after 4 years of design development. The request received by AMBi Studio’s design team, led by architect and founder Wei-Li Liao, was for a building that was “subtle,” “delicate” and “clean.” The building’s focus is therefore on creating a harmonious relationship between the man made and naturally formed architectural elements, paying respect to the surrounding Jiu-Jiu Peaks. This relationship is demonstrated in the combination of the building’s artificially constructed corridors and the existing vegetation in the area, and the museum’s doubled-façade construction which creates an “intermediary” space between outside and inside.

© Lucas K Doolan

Lucas K. Doolan, who captured these images, was born in 1982 in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He has recently moved to Taiwan with his wife Chia-Lin Sara Lee in 2016, and is currently living and working from Taipei as an artist, designer and a photographer.

© Lucas K Doolan

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