Portocarrero Palace Restauration in Córdoba

From the architects César Egea, Antonio Raso, and Pedro Dugo:

The Palacio Portocarrero, together with its Spanish-Mudéjar style botanical gardens surrounded by Almohade walls from the 11th-12th centuries, forms a spectacular complex that is located in the heart of Andalusia, between Cordoba and Seville. It is an architectural jewel that was hidden and in ruins and after years of careful restoration it shines again.

Palacio Portocarrero
© Javier Orive

A beautiful architectural monument cataloged BIC (Well of Cultural Interest) that owns a very rich history millenary mixture of civilizations that goes back to year 105 d.C. In Roman times. The Palace Portocarrero offers its Roman legend, archaeological remains both Roman and Arab and a building with areas of the fifteenth and sixteenth century mainly.

Touring the palace and strolling through its gardens, we are surrounded by its grand and magical atmosphere, an exclusive look at the Spanish culture and an aristocratic way of life through the centuries. A walk through time. Today, regained its former splendor, is available to organize any type of event. For 25 years now, the owners, Moreno de la Cova-Ibarra, dedicate their efforts to the restoration of the palace, devastated during the civil war, to achieve the reality that today we can contemplate and enjoy.

Palacio Portocarrero
© Javier Orive



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