Borderless Globe by Luke Calder

This world globe by Luke Calder remind us there is but one world. Do you really need imaginary lines to tell you who you are?

© Luke Calder

In the words of the artist:

I have always held a fascination for maps and globes. I’ve filled my house with vintage pieces and am always scouting for more, haunting junk shops and auction sites. Using these as my starting point, I’ve created something purely my own; modern, minimal globes and hemispheres which explore place, perception and experience. 

The works are both abstract and familiar, showing recognizable land forms, but without the borders and divisions that fracture them in conventional maps.

The hemispheres and globes are hand-made of spun aluminium or steel, meticulously painted in the studio and their gilded land forms, sinuous lines and intricate geographical details are intended to offer something new with each turn.  Each piece is will change uniquely over time, like the land they represent, as the gilded copper will alter its appearance based on the environment in which it is hung.

© Luke Calder

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