Fascismo Abbandonato by Dan Dubowitz

In 2005, when Dan Dubowitz and Patrick Duerden set out to look for the abandoned modernist architecture of fascist Italy it was the apparent contradictions between Modernism – the architecture of ‘progress’- and Fascism – the ‘counter- revolution’ – that made the subject of interest to me. Today the international importance of Italian architecture of the Fascist regime (1922-45) is hardly acknowledged. Anti-fascism was written into the 1948 constitution of post-war Italy and remains the founding principle; consequently fascist architecture has been dismissed by a society unable to attribute cultural value to it.

© Dan Dubowitz

The regime’s building programmes were prodigious and internationally acclaimed, yet now with a few well known exceptions the buildings are generally forgotten; their architects often condemned to obscurity. Key works such as the Stazione Termini railway station in Rome have been altered beyond recognition. Others have become derelict, including a disproportionately large number of colonie di infanzia ‘holiday’ camps constructed for the fascist youth organisations.

Civic works
© Dan Dubowitz

See more of Dan Dubowitz work here.


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