Palazzo Fulcis Restoration

Starting in January the Belluno Civic Museum, in Veneto, will reopen to the public in its new prestigious location in Palazzo Fulcis. Following a long restoration and upgrade by the Arteco Studio.

10-palazzo-fulcis-630x420In 1776 the architect Valentino Alpago-Novello fused together three buildings that faced onto Belluno’s main street creating the prestigious Palazzo Fulcis, embellished with stucco decorations and paintings by Sebastiano Ricci with mythological subjects. We have Alpago-Novello to thank not only for the unitary outer façade, but also for the work done to the interior like the reception hall, the large staircase leading to it and the layout of the rooms. Currently the property of the Fondazione Cariverona, which financed its restoration and functional upgrade, starting at the end of January 2017 the palace will house the historic Belluno Civic Museum.



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