House in the Orchard in Prague

Šépka Architects’ House in the Orchard is located on a northern, inclined plot in Prague – Kyje, from which there is a nice view into the valley, there are currently six full-grown trees. The proposed building of a family house attempts with its small size and character to incorporate itself among these trees. In brief, it would be possible to label the concept as ‘a house in an orchard’.

© Tomáš Malý

Besides the influence of the garden, also the orientation and incline of the plot had a significant share in the shape and layout solution. The view from the living room is towards the valley of the Brook Rokytka; the other rooms are orientated to the east and south. The living room situated in the north acquires thanks to its skylight also light from the south. The ground plan of the building proceeds from a circle which on the south side changes to the form of two squares. The bedrooms, kitchen and social facilities of building are located in them. The house is designed as a wooden building with a reinforced-concrete foundation, which is minimised to only a concrete foot in the steep slope. The wooden, bearing construction is visible in the interior. From the exterior, the building is insulated with polyurethane.

© Tomáš Malý

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