Hotel Puerta America in Madrid

12 different floors: 12 different ways of understanding art and design. A hotel like no other in the world.


Hotel is a space where guests are invited to dream. A unique project that brought together nineteen of the leading architecture and design studios in the world, from thirteen different countries. Originality, luxury, innovation and formal freedom define this hotel that awakens its guests’ senses.

Each floor showcases a different hotel room concept. All of them play with different materials, colours and shapes to create spaces that bring together the best in avant-garde design and architecture, where creativity and the freedom to develop each of the spaces has shaped the work.


The Silken Puerta América Madrid Hotel is an eclectic space that never for one moment renounces comfort. Rooms with luxury in every detail, that entice guests to discover them, interacting with them through the senses and inviting them to see them, touch them and even smell them. To stay at the Silken Puerta América is to experience unique and unforgettable sensations.



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