Hjertefolger Dome in Sandhornøya island

Fans of the Northern Lights will drool over the Nature House, a gorgeous geodesic dome home located on the Sandhornøya island of northern Norway. Built by Solardome Industries, the glass and aluminum dome crowns the Hjertefolger family’s recently completed three-level cob home. In addition to its ability to withstand extreme Arctic winds and temperatures, the eco-friendly abode includes solar panel technology, recycled building materials, and even a garden for growing produce.


The SOLARDOME® PRO single-glazed geodesic dome was finished in just three weeks in August 2012 to provide shelter to the Hjertefolgers as they built their cob home out of sand, clay, water and other organic natural materials. The newly completed home features five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge, kitchen, dining space and even a garage. By building into the earth, the cozy, yet spacious home minimizes the loss of heat provided by the log burning stove and solar panels.

“Our house is amazing – we have been blown away by the magnificence of the dome and the life it is helping us to lead,” says the Hjertefolgers. “We have all worked really hard to create our eco-friendly home, our dream, and our little sustainable bubble that supports our eco values and that will allow our family to grow up in a beautiful, ecological and healthy environment. We are excited about the years ahead.”



Read more about their experiences in Ingrid Hjertefølger’s Blog



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