Cuevas del Pino House in Córdoba

The Cuevas del Pino estate sits on the slopes of Sierra Morena, on a terrain of calcarenite stone arranged in slightly sloping layers that give rise to various geological formations typical of the area, among which are the caves and hollows used for agricultural and livestock work. A small refuge on one of these hollows in the rock previously used for the livestock watchman has now been rehabilitated as a rural accommodation, in line with the new activity developed on the estate.

© Estudio Caja de Luz

The preexisting walls and the rock itself marked and defined an area of great spatial and material richness, so UMMOestudio decided to focus the intervention on the fluid and constant dialogue between existing and new architecture, from a complicit position, seeking proximity rather than direct contact. Clean and silent volumes, wide and diaphanous spaces, use of stone materials such as concrete or marble in the floors, glass openings to the south for natural light and wood furniture handcrafted to endow the house with warmth enhance the existing and create a new spatial experience.

© Estudio Caja de Luz

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