Miele Chino Canyon Project

Lance O’Donnell of o2 Architecture has overseen the completion of two dwellings in Palm Springs – a contemporary home he designed, and a never-built residence by famed mid-century modernist architect Al Beadle.The homes are referred to as the Miele Chino Canyon Project — a reference to their location within the Southern California city. The dwellings are situated within the Chino Cone area, at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains.


The 02 House was designed by O’Donell, who founded the local firm o2 Architecture in 2006. The other residence, the Beadle House, is based on never-built plans by Al Beadle, a famed Arizona architect who died in 1998. He was known for creating relaxed, modernist dwellings in the desert. The two homes, which sit within walking distance of each other, share a respect for their natural context. “Both feature notable art and furnishings, as well as building principles, that are sensitive to the environment of the desert,” the team said.




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