Asia by David Burdeny

In the words of the artist David Burdeny:

The raw immediacy and lived experience of taking a photograph matters as much to me as how I compose the frame. It is my private personal connection to these places and the emotional or intellectual intrigue that grips me through the process that I hope resonates in the print. I seek to capture the mood and promise, silence and solitude in that extended moment of awareness. In my earlier architectural practice and now my photography career, I’m fascinated by the opportunity to invest symbols and narrative into built form or see the metaphor in a material space.


I have an abiding interest in thresholds and liminality – places that seem somehow a bridge between the concrete and the ephemeral, elevated above time, hallowed. The sublime resides even in an ordinary space. And while the wondrous capabilities of the digital process permits an extraordinary level of clarity, detail and sensuality to be ingrained into an image, I like to think that there is a mystery at the heart of all my photographs, an appeal for the viewer to keep looking and see more.

© David Burdeny

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