Corner House in London

Corner House by DSDHA hopes to introduce a new type of contemporary beauty, one which is less ostentatious yet captivating, capable to build on the qualities of its location to provide a highly sustainable solution that embodies high quality design and craftsmanship.


While at an urban level it celebrates the ordinary street corner, Corner House inverts this typology (typically presenting a more articulated treatment of the façade at the ground level) and places two jewel-like crystalline pavilions on the rooftop, opening up a series of unexpected onto London’s variegated and ever changing roofscape.

Corner House provides a mix of private and affordable homes, along with a commercial space on the ground floor. Over its six-storeys the building comprises 11 apartments, nine private (11,700 sq ft) and two affordable (1,900 sq ft) residential units, all of which are focused on having double or triple aspect rooms with exceptional levels of daylighting.



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