After The Final Curtain by Matt Lambros

Abandoned architecture has fascinated Matt Lambros since he was a kid and his grandmother used to take him to investigate any old barn she happened to drive past. She was curious about what was left behind, and her inquisitive nature made a lasting impression on Lambros.

adams-theatre-newark-new-jersey-matt-lambros-after-the-final-curtain- (1)
© Matt Lambros

Lambros grew up in Dutchess County, New York, and like most places there were quite a few supposedly “haunted” buildings begging for a closer look. Hudson River State Hospital, one of the first places he went to on his own, was one of them. It was then that his interest in abandoned buildings evolved into a vehicle for artistic expression.

Lambros spent ten years composing photographic obituaries for once-thriving buildings that are now crumbled and forgotten. HIs hope for his work is that it will shine light on beautiful, dated architecture and on the equal yet sinister beauty in decay. “After The Final Curtain” is a photographic documentation of the effects of years of neglect and decay in some of America’s greatest theaters.

© Matt Lambros

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