Haus am Sürcher Wald in Laterns

The outstanding timber house was designed by Bernardo Bader Architects to resemble the surrounding farmhouses and the typical Walserhouse of the area. The house lies on an uneven base of hills not breaking the harmony of the surrounding environment. Its elongated, compact form contributes to the basic idea of reducing the impact to the land. However, the house is perfectly balanced by a massive concrete base providing safety for the residents.

© Gustav Willeit

The outer skin of the private temporary living is made out of whole wood construction, more specifically rough sawn larch slats in different widths. The interior follows the same use of materials, with the only difference being the wood used in planed and sanded form. The building consists of two floors from which one is dedicated to the social areas and the other one to the private areas. The living area is situated on the main floor, with an open kitchen, featuring huge glass windows to maximize the incoming natural light. Moving to the upper floor, the minimalistically styled private rooms and bathrooms were placed.

© Gustav Willeit

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