Building Bacardi: Architecture, Art & Identity by Allan T Shulman

Richly illustrated with vintage, powerfully graphic, and often glamorous imagery, “Building Bacardi” tells the story of the iconic brand s love affair with high design. Anyway you drink it Bacardi rum is the mixable one. Bacardi is best known for its rum and trademark bat logo, yet the famed spirits company has also been a force in the development of avant-garde art and architecture.


True to the company slogan, Bacardi has asserted its corporate identity through buildings designed by a potent mix of modern architects with varying, sometimes radically different approaches to architecture. Corporate headquarters, distilleries, bottling plants, and executives private homes have shaped and reflected Bacardi s position as a regional upstart, a national icon, and a global corporation with outposts in such places as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and the United States. “Building Bacardi” is the first book to explore the twentieth-century architectural legacy of the company.”




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