Peter Zellner to launch Free School of Architecture

In a recent article, Los Angeles—based architect and educator Peter Zellner called for a reassessment of the contemporary state of architectural education. His article, part cri de coeur, part manifesto, launched a great deal of debate, including a response by Todd Gannon, cultural studies coordinator at SCI-Arc.

As a result, Zellner is now in the process of launching a new educational endeavor to hopefully carry out some of the changes he’d like to see made. His new project, the Free School of Architecture (FSA), will launch in the summer of 2017 as a “tuition and salary free” school seeking to “explore the edges of architectural education.” The Architect’s Newspaper talked to Zellner about FSA as he prepares for its inaugural semester.

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Architecture in the Red Bull Illume Awards

The Art Institute of Chicago was the place to be on September 28th as the world’s best action and adventure sports photographers gathered for the Red Bull Illume Winner Award Ceremony during which, after months of waiting, the 55 best action and adventure photographs in the world were unveiled to the world, including the 11 Category Winners and the Overall Winner. German photographer Lorenz Holder was the evening’s big winner, receiving the Overall Winner award for a second time as well as winning the Masterpiece by Yodobashi and Playground categories, along with the coveted Athlete’s Choice Award. Via

© Lorenz Holder / Red Bull Illume



© Shinkyungsub

Slanted slats of aluminium cover the irregular, curving form of this house and cafe in Gyeonggi Province designed by South Korean architecture practice AND. “The goal is to have soft daylight in the cafe space, as it is facing due west,” explained the architects. “We have decided to limit the direct light of the west and bring in the light from the south.” Via

The City is Abstract by Julian Schulze

In the artist’s Julian Schulze own words:

The cities we live in, as concrete as they might seem, are full of abstract geometric forms. A concrete street 1000 times crossed in the morning, can turn into an abstract paradise when the afternoon sunlight causes an extravaganza of shadows and new angles. It is this hidden beauty that I love and try to reveal.


ARCHatlas List of tumblrs

Here is a short list of some of my favorite tumblrs in no particular order. Because you are trying to “fill the void” left by ARCHatlas (personal sob) I have included only curated blogs that post architecture, art, and design. There are many others, but these are very subjective selections, the types of tumblr that ARCHatlas wanted to be.

The Gasoline Station
Traveling Colors
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Maybe this post deserves a second part with more great tumblrs that did not make this list like Ryan Panos and Fine Interiors!

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