Wanderlust: Travis Burke

Most of us dream about a life of adventure, but whether it’s time, money, responsibility, or good old-fashioned fear, something always holds us back. But Travis Burke is living proof that the only thing stopping you is you, and that all you need to live the dream is a camper van, a camera, and a burning desire for adventure. Via.


ARCHatlas List of tumblrs

Here is a short list of some of my favorite tumblrs in no particular order. Because you are trying to “fill the void” left by ARCHatlas (personal sob) I have included only curated blogs that post architecture, art, and design. There are many others, but these are very subjective selections, the types of tumblr that ARCHatlas wanted to be.

The Gasoline Station
Traveling Colors
Really Shit!
Tu Recepcja
969 Years

Maybe this post deserves a second part with more great tumblrs that did not make this list like Ryan Panos and Fine Interiors!

ARCHatlas is gone

It has been a very tough couple of days.

For three and a half years I poured my heart and soul to build a blog on tumblr. It was started on a whim as I did not know anyone on that platform. and was not really aware of the possibilities. It ended abruptly, like the last scene of The Sopranos, and leaving me just as unsatisfied. I must admit, I am still reeling from it as I write these words, a little over 96 hours after its disappearance.

In between its birth and death ARCHatlas grew from a depository of “pretty pictures” that inspired me into a blog that helped and inspired others in a way I never could have envision. Somehow my plain English for authentic answers (with a GIF for good measure) had managed to reach an audience of over 275,000 from all countries and backgrounds. To be honest, that is what I feel more proud of, that it was not a place for architects only, but all curious minds were welcomed.

ArchAtlas is gone.

It has been over a week since the copyright strike that started the downward spiral and tumblr has yet to respond. Is sad to see a platform with so much potential lose its direction since Yahoo bought it, a deal considered by some as the worst acquisition in tech of this decade, and turned into a soulless place. I know that ARCHatlas was not the only blog bringing the people to tumblr but we did build community, we had a vision to feature the best of art, architecture and design in order to educate and we tried, really tried, to be respectful with all the artists and projects we featured.

So, here I am, wondering if I should try a new adventure. Regardless of what happens to ARCHatlas I have promised myself not to save the resources of any future ARCHatlas incarnations on a platform I cannot depend on, that does not respect their users enough to respond to their messages, that encourages people not to give proper credit to the images posted and that considers houses for sale classifieds the best in their architecture tag.  Will I be able to help anyone by using a different platform that is not as user-friendly but is more robust and offers further possibilities? Will people ask questions here or do I need an account on tumblr to receive any questions? Bottom line, does anyone care?

I warn all of you, I am just starting to learn how to use WordPress so expect a few missteps but hopefully this new adventure will be better than the last one!

Thanks for reading, Roberto.

There's nothing here.
The horror.

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