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Deep in a Dream – Central Park by Michael Massaia

In the words of the artist Michael Massaia:

 I started documenting Central Park back in 2007 as way of coping with severe insomnia.  I would commonly take long walks at night, and the park always seemed to be calling me in.  I set out to document the park at its most vacant, isolating, and at times, haunting moments.  The park appears to go through a period of metamorphosis during those late night/early morning hours, and I was determined to capture it.

© Michael Massaia
© Michael Massaia

Glamping Wales in Pop-Up Cabins

The Epic Retreats project is a partnership between Best of Wales, Cambria Tours and George + Tomos Architects and is part funded by the Welsh Government’s Tourism Product Innovation Fund. Epic Retreats is a completely unique hotel offer that will celebrate Wales’s Year of Legends 2017 by allowing people to experience the best landscapes and experiences Wales has to offer while staying in one of eight bespoke cabins, designed specifically for the project.



Palestinian Museum in Birzeit

The landscape of the Palestinian Museum by Heneghan Peng has the ‘worked’ quality of a city; every element of it has been touched and tells a story of intervention, production, culture, environment, commerce. Like a city, the terraced landscape has embedded within it its history. The approach to the Palestinian Museum is to draw on this history of the terraced landscape, embedding the museum into its immediate site and drawing from this site to tell a larger story of a diverse culture.


The cascade of terraces tells a diversity of stories, citrus brought in through trade routes, native aromatic herbs, a rich and varied landscape with connections east and west. The building itself emerges from the landscape to create a strong profile for the hilltop both integrated into the landscape yet creating an assertive form that has a distinctive identity.


Quintessa Pavilions in Napa Valley

Situated on a ridgeline within the breathtaking 280-acre Quintessa Estate in Napa Valley, the Quintessa Pavilions designed by Walker Warner Architects exemplify the ideal fusion of architecture and nature. Immersed in the landscape and surrounded by vineyard-covered hills, each pavilion is carefully sited to protect visitors from the elements while preserving the surrounding oak trees that naturally shade the area. Built with sustainability in mind, the overall design echoes the existing winery in its environmental sensitivity and industrial material palette that ages and weathers elegantly. The result is three, unique wine tasting pavilions that can be utilized year-round despite the weather.



Neelam Theatre in Chandigarh

Neelam Theatre, one of three cinemas built as part of Le Corbusier’s construction of Chandigarh, is revealed in these new images by British photographer Edmund Sumner. Built in the early 1950s, Neelam Theatre is located in Sector 17, the commercial district of the modernist city that was famously masterplanned by Le Corbusier in post-independence India.


But the building was actually designed by Aditya Prakash, one of six Indian architects assigned to work with Le Corbusier and his cousin, French architect Pierre Jeanerret, during the construction of Chandigarh. Despite his central role in the masterplan, Le Corbusier’s involvement in the commercial district was quite limited.



The Art of Marianne Markvad 

Marianne Markvads architectural collages examines urban space mixing different images to reflect her own reality. The artworks question and reveal about the life we ​​lead and the spaces we live in. To create her artworks Markvad visits the suburbs and cities of Denmark and abroad. Using photographs she records “moments” in places and situations that fascinate her. These photographs are the foundation material of her collages.